July 31, 2003

I saw a web site that has an interesting solution to low-cost outsourcing today: Primate Programming Inc.

July 30, 2003

After not having seen our cockroach eating spider for a few days we were very careful in the kitchen when lifting things up, in case we dicsovered his hiding place accidentally. While washing a large vase in the sink we noticed something in the soapy water. Our spider had been hiding in the vase. RIP 1 spider.

July 29, 2003

The BBC is reporting that Paul Darrow (who played Avon in thie original series) has bought the the rights to Blake's 7. They are producing new shows scheduled to air in 2005. I loved Blake's 7!

July 28, 2003

More geocaching. This weekend saw the fall of Deuce (good fun finding that one) and Strange Items (and yes, there really are some strange items in that one). Although I didn't buy my GPS receiver to go geocaching this is what I seem to use it for mainly.
I got quite a fright on Saturday morning: The large spider that had been sitting on our kitchen ceiling was sitting in the sink devouring a cockroach. Go spidey! The cockroach it was trying to eat was bigger than the body of the spider. It was slightly gross, but anything that results in the reduction of cockroaches is fine by me. The trouble is that we don't know where the spider went after his breakfast, so now we have a large cockroach eating spider lurking somewhere in our kitchen.

July 25, 2003

An interesting article: flash mobs. More information at www.cheesebikini.com.

July 23, 2003

My 3rd 7am start in 2 weeks. Grrr.

July 21, 2003

A successful geo-caching weekend. We finally nabbed Bridge to Nowhere, and managed to find our first Travel Bug, Bamberger Bierkellerdeckela. Buoyed by our find, I headed off to Canadian Trailblazer to send the Travel Bug on his way. The weekend also saw the launch of our first micro-cache, Eagle Rock.

July 18, 2003

Aparrently Slackware (a Linux distribution) turns 10 today. I first started on Linux with Slackware pretty close to when it started. I had a 386 PC with 4 megs of RAM. I had to upgrade to 8 megs of RAM to run X. My first install was from 18 floppies, but then I got a CD-ROM.

July 17, 2003

My worst fears have materialised. The work that was cancelled for 7am yesterday is now re-scheduled for 7am tomorrow.

July 16, 2003

Ugh. I'm back at work after almost a week off recovering from having a nasty wisdom tooth removed. It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't a 7am start, and the 7am start wouldn't have been so bad except that I missed the text message telling me I didn't need to come in at 7am after all. Nice sunrise (blah blah blah) etc.

July 08, 2003

Ah. It turns out that the co-ordinates for Water Rats between bridges were slightly out. We will make another attempt.

July 07, 2003

This weekend we failed to find Water Rats between bridges, but we did find The Aussie Munster Hunt.

July 04, 2003

Argh! I was going to ignore my e-mail problems, but today I found a bounce message about a mail loop. I was compelled to send it to someone who might be able to do something about it.

July 03, 2003

I hereby give up on trying to find out why my e-mail disappears. Someone has changed something somewhere, and if that person is reading this post, I hope that person feels suitably guilty and changes it back. Until then I guess random e-mails will continue to disappear. At least I get less spam.

July 01, 2003

Have you ever wondered how Internet Explorer detects the proxy settings if you ask it to "Automatically detect settings"? I have, but until today I never bothered to satisfy that wonder. Check out this article.