May 13, 2005

Professional pick-up-sticks

After a serious game of pick-up-sticks, a few of us decided that there is not nearly enough pick-up-sticks jargon, and if you were to take up pick-up-sticks professionaly you would need to invent some...

The Torpedo: The metal or cardboard tube that the sticks are stored in.
The Spread: The act of dropping the sticks in the first place. A normal spread is done by gripping the sticks in a fist and letting them go, although a torpedo assisted spread is achieved by lifting the torpedo off the sticks and letting them fall.
A Pivot: This is where you press down on the sharp end of a stick so as to lever the stick up off adjacent sticks.
A Lift: This is where you press your finger into the sharp end of a stick to lift it up. Lifting at both ends is a two fingered lift, while pivoting one end and lifting the other is a pivot and lift.
A Slide: This is sliding a stick that is touching the playing surface but no other sticks. Sliding a stick in the direction of the stick is a veritcal slide, while the other way is a horizontal slide.
A Flick: This is lifting a stick up quickly (generally assisted by the black stick) to try to flick it off adjacent sticks without disturbing them.
To Black: To attempt to remove the black.


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