May 22, 2006


Internode sent me an SMS on the weekend to tell me my ADSL had been connected a couple of days ahead of schedule (cool feature). That left me with the problem that there is only 1 phone socket in the house, and it is > 20m away from my PC (longer than my longest phone and/or network cable). At lunch today I bought a WiFi card a 30m phone cable, so I should be in business.


Peter said...

ADSL 2+? You will have to let us know what speed you are getting.

Eb said...

Only normal ADSL I'm afraid.

I had the choice between a D-Link and a Netgear card at about the same price. "Oh buy the Netgear card - they're much better," I was told. The wifi part of the card seems to work OK, but the driver has disabled the "Welcome" screen on XP. Grr!

Now all I need is to find time to actually connect the ADSL modem to the phone socket. Maybe tomorrow...