December 11, 2006

Pet Etiquette

Yesterday I had to deal with an issue of pet etiquette that I have never faced before: What do you do with a foreign fatally injured feline that has ended up on your doorstep? Well directly outside my front gate as it happens.

I couldn't very well leave it there. Apart from being confronted by the cat every time my family went in or out, consider for a moment that it was a warm day yesterday...

What about if I move it? I didn't really want to touch it, but suppose the owner comes looking for their much beloved pet and it's ended up in my rubbish bin!

A quick call to a friendly vet and a solution was at hand: All cats and dogs in NSW are required to have an identifying microchip now. Our vet suggested dropping in the deceased where she could scan it for a microchip.

Hopefully by now the cat's next of kin has been notified. I'm back to a road-kill free street-scape, but with an unpleasant association between the scent of our brand of bin liner and a messy clean up job.

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