April 02, 2007

More Tokyo

While I was in Tokyo the cherry blossom (Sakura - 桜) was just coming out, so I took a few photos on Saturday. People tend to celebrate Sakura by going out and having picnics in parks. In fact quite a few people staked out their patch of park with a blue tarp each night in Shiba park near my hotel.

Saturday gave me the opportunity to do some shopping. I headed to Hakuhinka Toy Park in Ginza for some ... toys, and also Ito-ya for some chiyogami or yuzen-shi (traditional Japanese prints on washi paper - make sure you go to Annex 3 of Ito-ya which is around the back from the main shop), and then to Bic Camera to look at some toys for me! The Honey Bee 15cm helicopter looked fun, but I didn't end up buying anything at Bic.

Saturday night was a flight back to Australia. I managed one of Qantas's newer Airbus jets that had the bed seats in business class. They are a league ahead of Qantas's older business class seats, but I still didn't sleep all that well.

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