June 13, 2007


Man at Town Hall Station: How do you spell "digression"?
Me: What?
Man: How do you spell digression? Like, I'm here, and I want to go there, but I don't go straight there.
Me: Oh ... "d-i-g-r-e-s-s-i-o-n"
Man: Hmmm yes. Thanks.

I don't think anyone has ever asked me to spell digression at the station before, and I think I tend to think of a digression applying more to a conversation than to walking somewhere.

I was on my way home from a visit to the Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe last night.

Their Rauch Bier was impressive. They describe it as "a rich copper coloured lager with a dense caramel head and a sweet, smoked malt aroma & flavour. This beer is a unique balance of sweet toasty malt with smoked accents and a warming finish." A pretty accurate description.

The Belgian Chocolate Stout was also good.

Thanks for the introduction Bruce. A very pleasant evening indeed.

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Bruce Yabsley said...

I was just posting a comment on the trip to my own german-beer posting, when I saw this post.

It was a good evening, wasn't it. Let's do that again soon ...