October 11, 2007

European Learnings

After a couple of weeks travelling in England and Italy I'm back, rested, and enlightened. Things I have learned:
  • The Italian word for Glad Wrap is pellicola ("film")
  • The Italian understanding of speed limits (OK - perhaps driving in general) is different to the Australian understanding. I have been back 2 days and no fines so far, although I have turned on the windscreen wipers when I meant to indicate about 5 times already.
  • When I lived in England a few years ago "push chair" was a pretty common word for what we call a stroller, but now it seems that "buggy" is preferred.
  • The English don't seem to commonly use the slang oyster to mean phlegm. It seems that it is quite safe to put an "oyster" card in your pocket.
  • Banning smoking in English pubs since July is GREAT!

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