October 17, 2007


Well "Halloween" is almost upon us again. I use quotes because it is not something normally celebrated or even remembered in Australia, but that is slowly changing. Toy shops stock Halloween costumes now, other shops have Halloween sales, it is mentioned in advertising, and I'm sure we'll see an increasing number of kids taking part.

As much as I disagree with the celebration of evil, I'm not sure laughing in the face of any kids who come to the door for trick or treat (see my post for last year) is going to be sustainable in the long term. I think I'm still formulating my Halloween strategy...


Bruce Yabsley said...

Does the ubiquity of Harry Potter provide any resources here?

(I'm guessing that The Dark is Rising will not be helpful.)

Eb said...

Maybe we're still new enough to Halloween that they won't be expecting me to shout "TRICK" as I blast them with my water gun?