October 17, 2007


"Next is one of those films that requires a second viewing." (Tim Hayes writes on IMDB) I saw it recently on a plane flight between Sydney and London, and I think I agree.

The premise of the movie is that Chris "Frank Cadillac" Johnson (played well by Nicholas Cage) can see a couple of minutes into the future. The FBI know there is going to be a nuclear terrorist attack, and so some agents decide that maybe he will be able to work out where it is before it happens.

The tricky thing is that Johnson knows that if you know the future then that changes the future. Think about it: You know that your friend is going to ask you something in 30 seconds time, so you walk away unexpectedly before he can ask. Now he isn't going to ask you. Did you change the future? In one sense everything we do changes the future.

Anyway, an intriguing movie.


Bruce Yabsley said...

Yeah, I haven't been able to get the concept out of my head. I saw about half of it on the way back from the States (a while ago now) but was too tired to stay awake ... and it's been bugging me ever since.

The film got a very bad rap from reviewers but I'm going to get it out on DVD anyway: I need to scratch the itch. And nothing with Julianne Moore in it can be all bad.

Fancy a film night?

Eb said...

I think in fairness the film wasn't all that well executed, but I liked the idea.