November 24, 2007

Google Street View for Sydney?

Yesterday as I was walking to my car from Ashfield station I noticed a black Holden Astra approaching with some kind of apparatus on the roof. As it drew closer, part of the roof mounted equipment was clearly a GPS receiver. As it drove past the Google Maps logo was clearly visible on the side door.

What is going on? Surely Google's maps of Ashfield are up-to-date already. What I didn't appreciate at the time was the other thing mounted on the roof was a camera. Today the SMH are carrying a story Google's candid camera snaps Australia with a photo of a similarly equipped car (in blue). Google are taking photos at street level in Sydney for their Street View extension to Google Maps, already available for some US cities.

I guess I'll feature in Google's Street View once it is available for Sydney (probably some time next year).

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