November 25, 2007


A few of the councils around my area are doing council clean-up at the moment. I noticed today while driving past how many old TVs and CRT computer monitors there are out on the footpath.

Who wants an old TV when you can buy a nice new LCD or plasma? You can at least buy CRT televisions (and still a lot cheaper than an LCD or plasma), but how about a CRT computer monitor?

Apart from the issue of waste, there is the issue of what happens to the old CRT tubes. I suspect it is possible to recycle some parts, although I doubt it is easy. Ashfield council has a page on recycling electrical goods, although all it tells you is not to put them in landfill, and where you can take old ink cartridges. A search reveals that it is at least possible to recycle a CRT in Sydney. e.g. MRI.

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