February 18, 2008

Streets With No Name

Something I guess I have taken for granted up until now is that streets in Australia have names. I mean, of course they have names, don't they? How do you tell someone the address if the street doesn't have a name?

While doing some mapping on Open Street Map I have found that there are a few streets (mainly laneways) in my local area that don't seem to have any name at all. e.g. Laneways between Nowranie Street and Carrington Street and a short street at the western end of Weston Street (although I suspect this street is also known as Weston Street).

Mapping has brought up some other interesting questions, like what is the real name of a street? Is it what the street sign says? Is it what existing maps say? Is it what people who live in the street call it? Sometimes all disagree.

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