March 26, 2008

Sydney Cycle Map

OK it's been a while since my last post. Sorry. But what a post...

The gravitystorm web site announced that they have street level coverage of cycle routes in Sydney. This web site uses the cycle relevant tags in Open Street Map to render a cycling map. Great work!

This is the direct link to the Sydney map.


Me said...


Mog (Petra) here. Dunno if you remember me from UBS. Was looking round LinkedIn and found you. Was looking round LinkedIn cos company blew up, lost job, got another one, so was updating profile. Hope you're still doing OK at UBS.


Me said...

And of course if I'd read your profile properly I'd have "UBS".replace("JPM")

I got out of Java and do Python now. I <3 Python.

Eb said...

Hey! Thanks for the visit. I discovered the other day, but that is about the limit of my experience with Python.