July 30, 2008

True Geek

True geeks use LaTeX in situations where mere mortals use a word processor. Slashdot had an article discussing whether there is a better replacement for LaTeX yesterday.

The answer is either "It's LaTeX. Get used to it," or "Don't worry. A word processor can do all you need!" depending on which camp you fall into. That is, the "most of the known world" camp, or the other camp.

I think in this situation, even knowing someone who knows LaTeX must give you some kind of geek cred. That's more than enough cred for me.


Malcolm Purvis said...

Two LaTeX comments:

1) My current employer uses LaTeX for all engineering documents, including reference manuals and other public documents. The reason is that it spun out of UNSW and the engineers got to use their favourite tools.

2) I once applied for a job which required that your resume be sent in raw LaTeX source. The company wanted true UNIX geeks and they found it a very effective way of filtering applicants and avoiding recruitment firms.

Yellek said...

I've actually been around long enough that I remember the days before WYSIWYG when you had to use an SGML based language like script or Bookmaster to mark up documents on a mainframe. I remember writing a whole book using Bookmaster for IBM once.

The scary thing was that non technical people could do it as well as geeks. Given that script isn't that different to HTML can you imagine your average manager writing HTML?

Bruce Yabsley said...

Wow. Not only do I have some geek cred, I am even a source of geek cred.

Hmm. Maybe this isn't such a good thing.