March 31, 2003

We engaged in a bit more geocaching (we finally found Metro and Don't Wake the Neighbours) on the way to church yesterday.

Ian Powell preached on the passage from John's gospel where Jesus asks for a drink while dying on the cross. It is good to spend some time thinking through the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sake.

March 29, 2003

After finding that the road to The Maze was closed, Hecta sent me out on foot. After a lot of climbing over rocks I nabbed the cache. I must say that this is a truly excellent cache. Thanks Tangles.

On to Ansett's Lament. Finding the site was easy enough, but finding the cache proved difficult. Hecta and I searched for a while, but eventually Hecta gave up and left me to it. Getting bored, Hecta came to tell me it was time we left when she spotted the cache. A good day's caching I think.

After breakfast at Cafe Cinque in Newtown I'm off to make an attempt at Ansett's Lament and The Maze.

March 28, 2003

I saw this today. BSOD Wanted in Murder of Overclocker. Quite good. Be on your guard.
Of my blog: Hecta: "What's on there?" Eb: "You'll have to take a look." H: "Is this just a time wasting mechanism?" E: "No." H: "What's it for?" E: "Um ... That's difficult to explain. You'll have to take a look." H: "It is just a time wasting mechanism."

March 27, 2003

War stuff. Probably old news, but the Where is Raed ? blog is a good read.

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of Anna Patrick. Anna was a good friend, and married to our good friend Tim. Anna died suddenly in childbirth last year. Our prayers are with you today Tim and Poppy, and we look forward to seeing Anna in heaven.

More war in Iraq today. Aparrently war is dolphin safe. Good to know.

March 26, 2003

Another anti-war protest goes past the building.

More war in Iraq today. I think it is difficult to know if a war is right or wrong. One thing is for sure: War is never nice. I pray it is over soon.

I updated my other web page today, including a cool SVG graph (zipped) of my holiday in the UK generated by SVGPS. It is pretty rare that I can be bothered to update that site, so I think it rates a mention.

Elaine & Don get back from a holiday in New Zealand this afternoon. I had better remember to go pick them up, seeing as I forgot to drop them off at the airport when they went over.

March 25, 2003

Although Sydney's water supply is doing better than a lot of regional NSW, SMH is reporting that the heavy rain we have been getting over the last week is not making it far enough west to get into our dams.

How are we doing? See the Bulk Water Storage & Supply Reports on the Sydney Catchment Authority's web site for an update. Mandatory water restrictions come into place once we get below 55% of capacity.

Decided to get into this blogging thing. Prompted by BLOG YELLEK. Maybe he will give me a link.