October 27, 2007

The Cat In The Hat short story

Robert J Lennon writes a short story using only words found in The Cat in the Hat.

"My mother was gone. It was a bump on her head, a big bump. I did not know; mother did not tell me. When she did, I fell. “No,” I said. “No, not you! Do not go!” But there was no way. She sank fast, that was good. I let her go."

The Cat in the Hat is designed to use only words a first grader could understand. A challenging task you'd think, to write a short story not for children using the same words. He does well.

Link (via boingboing).

July 15, 2007

Alvin Lim

It is with sadness that I report that Alvin Lim passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last week. I learned of this from this post that Hecta saw on sydneyanglicans.net.

I knew Alvin & Michelle from our days at St Barnabas Broadway when I was still at university. Alvin & Michelle were my bible study group leaders for a while, and I remember our friendship fondly.

I remember once at their house in Lewisham (after a few minutes of Alvin & Michelle discussing it) getting called in to offer my opinion on whether it was necessary to polish wine glasses after they had been dried with a tea towel. (I was on Alvin's side - polish them of course!)

Our prayers are with Michelle and family at this time.

Update: John Anderson reports that Alvin’s memorial service will take place at 2pm Tuesday 24/7/07 at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Menai.

May 23, 2007

Hello Pastor

If you are involved in music ministry at your church, or if you are the pastor of a church with any kind of music ministry I recommend you check out this phone message on Ship of Fools. From their site: 'This priceless voicemail recording was sent to us by a pastor who said, "Oh, have I been there!"'

That's my girl

Are you familiar with missed connections on craigslist? This blog ... kind of hard to explain, and it dates from 2006, but it's great.

April 30, 2007

Celebration of Shad!

Were it not for my good friends in Doylestown taking me to the Shad Festival in Lambertville New Jersey today I might not know what a shad is. A shad turns out to be a fish, and I have a t-shirt to prove it.

The Trentonian says that shad used to be fished at Lambertville as they swam upstream to spawn. Eventually the pollution in the Delaware river got so bad that they stopped coming. Now the condition of the river has improved enough that the shad have come back.