April 27, 2005

Phishing experiment

Some graduate students at Indiana University conducted a phishing experiment using public information to send e-mails to students to try to get them to divulge their passwords. Basically, it worked, and people were not happy. More info here and here.

April 19, 2005


Adobe has announced that it will buy Macromedia. For someone with a career as a Java/web developer who is also a keen photographer, I wonder if this will create any synergies for me...

April 18, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

What's with autumn? The Sydney weather forecast tells me it is supposed to be fine and 31 degrees today.

April 15, 2005

Mad as...

After several weeks wait I finally got my Tilley hat today. Why a Tilley hat? Apart from being an excellent hat they come in sizes appropriate for large-brained people such as myself.

April 12, 2005


It looks like GeoURL is working again. I have put my link button back in.

April 06, 2005


I braved the windy and wet weather the other day to find Cook's Bridge.

Discovery After Dark

Last Saturday evening I ventured out with Stinker to go see Discover After Dark. It is an evening where various buildings (mostly museums and galleries) open their doors to the public. Our first stop was the ABC's Ultimo studios. While there was quite a long wait, the tour they provided was fantastic. Well done ABC!

We also visited Government House and The Conservatorium of Music.

April 01, 2005


Release 1.0b2 for MapRequest is finally out there. MapRequest is a program that lets you save a calibrated map for OziExplorer from compatible web based maps.