December 16, 2009

Netbeans 6.8

I see that Netbeans 6.8 is out. I have been using Netbeans for quite a while now, and I have to say: The Maven integration is great!

October 20, 2009

Ubuntu Karmic Koala

I have been installing the beta of Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" on an external USB disk. Ubuntu is a version of the open source (i.e. free) operating system Linux. It is very usable, and runs happily on old machines that struggle to run Windows. Best of all, it boots happily from an external disk, so I can plug my disk into any machine and I have "my" PC back again.

There are still a couple of bugs in the 9.10 beta, but the full release version comes out this week.

October 19, 2009

"Swine-flu" vestments for clergy

I wonder if they will be discussing this at the Diocese of Sydney's synod this week.

"The Church of England has announced that following its introduction of special swine flu prayers, new clergy vestments are now available in case of a further outbreak of the deadly virus."

Read the article at Ship of Fools.

October 03, 2009

Hostels Photos

Here are some photos from the Terraces reunion. Things have changed a bit in 20 years, but not that much. Thanks very much to the current residents at The Terraces for being so kind as to let us see how things look now.

Note the phone hole is gone, and for the record I was never part of the group who climbed through to next door in the middle of the night to watch TV. The kitchens have much more storage space than when we lived there, and all the bathrooms have been refurbished. The shade cloth out the back of 64-66 is great.

Terraces residents over the ages Back yard for 76-82 New kitchen in 80 Ex-phone hole Hallway Rear of 76-78

September 30, 2009

Magpie Season

Spring has arrived. I was swooped in Leichhardt this morning while cycling to work.

September 28, 2009

Back to Barneys

On Sunday it was the 150th anniversary of St Barnabas Broadway. The City of Sydney were kind enough to donate the use of City Recital Hall (in Angel Place) on Sunday for a get together of past and present Barneys members.

While it was great to see so many people we haven't seen for years, it was also inspiring to hear about the new church building.

There were various reunions over the weekend. I went to a reunion for the St Barnabas Terraces ("Hostels" in my day). Some things are just as they were 20 years ago (yes it really is that long), like the vines between #76 and #78, while some things are new and improved (e.g. kitchens in #80)!

July 07, 2009


Looking for something to pray for? Please pray for Jeremy and his family. Prayer points here. We have a mighty god who can do mighty things.


It's been a while between posts, but that's because I have been too busy watching television:
  • Flight of the Conchords - A fantastic show from HBO about a couple of Kiwi musicians trying to make it in New York. Mondays at 21:00 on SBS1.
  • Masterchef Australia - At first I thought this would be more boring reality TV, but the quality has been really good. The editing is slick, and the content engrossing. Well done tonight Julie. Nightly on Ten.
  • The Chaser's War on Everything - To be fair, I think The Chaser has been a bit weak this season, but I actually thought the "Make a Realistic Wish" sketch was pretty funny. Wednesdays at 21:00 on ABC1.

May 08, 2009


It's been a while between caches, but on the advice of a friend of Stinker we headed out from Tamworth and found Pride and Prejudice (near Uralla).

Open Street Map

While in Tamworth I did a bit more survey work for Open Street Map. I suspect the map of Tamworth has a bit over 50% of streets mapped now.

March 23, 2009


I removed my link to today. It used to provide links to blogs geographically close to yours, along with a nice map. For a while now it has been saying that my blog is in The Sound in Wales, and the clickable map is gone.

GeoURL provides a similar capability.

March 21, 2009

Sydney cycle routes

I have been doing some work on the Open Street Map Wiki to document the state of cycle routes in Sydney.

Sydney Cycle Routes

The idea is to show the level of completeness of the OSM map, and give a link to the map (and relation where they exist).

(Sydney Cycle Map)

March 09, 2009


After planning a new bike for a long time my wife was kind enough to buy me a Trek 7.2 FX for my birthday recently. I have only managed a few rides, but so far it's a great bike. I look forward to being a cyclist again.

March 06, 2009

Australian suburbs on Open Street Map

After weeks of preparation the import of Australian suburb boundaries into Open Street Map is now under way. Thanks to the helpful people at the Australia Bureau of Statistics who made the data available and to Franc for persevering with it.

See a sample map for Summer Hill. The suburb boundaries are the light dotted lines.

February 06, 2009

Viola Jokes

After the SMH ran a few viola jokes in Column 8 last week a colleague sent me this link.

It's a bunch of viola jokes collated by Jeff Bigler.

A sample:

Q: How do you keep your violin from getting stolen?
A: Put it in a viola case.

January 28, 2009

CMS Summer School

OK, it was a few weeks ago now, but I think it's worth posting that we all had a great time at CMS Summer School in Katoomba in January. I enjoyed the talks by Dr William Philip, but I think I probably got the most out of the missionary info sessions.

Of course I did some mapping in Blackheath and Medlow Bath while I was in town.

Summer School leaves your afternoons free to explore the Blue Mountains, so I got a chance to do some walking along the Pope's Glen track in Blackheath to Govett's Leap. The views at Govett's Leap are quite breathtaking.

Hey Man, You Got A Second So I Can Fire You?

A rather apt story from The Onion this week: Hey Man, You Got A Second So I Can Fire You?

How are we doing today? How we doin'? Great, great. You're looking good. Love the shirt. Let me guess: Christmas present? Knew it. Great. Hey man, whenever you get a sec—and it's no biggie—I was hoping you could just pop on over to my office real quick so I can fire you.