May 31, 2006

100 Photos That Changed the World

I saw this link on digg today. It's a pretty good collection.

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Update to bush walks page

I have finally got around to uploading the changes to my bush walks page. It includes changes to the coast track in the Royal National Park, and also a walk near Yankee Hat (ACT). Track and waypoint files for OziExplorer are included.

May 29, 2006

Guarding against SQL injections

An interesting look at protecting web applications against input that can cause them to behave differently. If you develop web applications you already know this (in theory), but I don't think I had considered the SQL injection issue explicitly.

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May 24, 2006

Da Vinci Code Quiz

Although we had some competition with people handing out the Epoch Times we still managed to give away quite a few copies of the quiz at Ashfield station this morning. Some excerpts:

The best part of the Da Vinci Code movie is:
a) Tom Hanks
b) The gripping plot
c) Audrey Tautou
d) The marketing

The Priory of Sion was established in:
a) 1066 (by William the Conqueror)
b) 1099 (by the Knights Templar)
c) 1956 (by Pierre Plantard)
d) 2001 (by Stanley Kubrick)

Luckily the quiz has the answers on the back. Overall I didn't score too well. (The "correct" answer to those ones are both c.) I think I got 4 right. Aparrently if you scored 4-7 you scored "Just a pass! But there's lots more to know." The seminar on Da Vinci & Jesus is at the St John's Church Hall (off Bland St) on May 31 at 7:45pm.

May 22, 2006


Internode sent me an SMS on the weekend to tell me my ADSL had been connected a couple of days ahead of schedule (cool feature). That left me with the problem that there is only 1 phone socket in the house, and it is > 20m away from my PC (longer than my longest phone and/or network cable). At lunch today I bought a WiFi card a 30m phone cable, so I should be in business.

Da Vinci Quiz in Ashfield

Read the Da Vinci Code yet? Seen the movie? Well do the quiz.

If you catch the train from Ashfield Station, make sure you grab your copy of the quiz at the station on Wednesday morning.

May 17, 2006

No internet!

I moved house almost a week ago, and my ADSL relocation request has only just been accepted.

It's strange to remember how we used to do things before we had internet. The other day I needed to know someone's phone number, so I had to look it up in the (hard copy) white pages!

May 16, 2006

St Barnabas Fire Photos

On Saturday there was a brief period where I was able to have a look inside the remains of St Barnabas. Thankyou to the engineers and Barneys staff that made that possible. (If you would like better quality copies if any of these, please get in touch with me.)

May 15, 2006

Barneys photos to come...

There was a brief window on the weekend where some people were able to enter the site at St Barnabas to take a look. (Fire at St Barnabas) I managed to take a couple of photos, but I probably won't have them online for a couple of days. Well, at least not until I find my computer amongst the pile of boxes at my place.

I know it was only a building, but I think part of what is difficult is the association between the building and the memories of things that took place there. It has been interesting reading other blogs about the fire and seeing some of the memories others have of Barneys.

May 10, 2006

Big Fire at St Barnabas Broadway

Very very sad news: There was a big fire last night at St Barnabas Anglican Church, Broadway. The SMH has a story about it here.

I think I'm still in shock. We attended Barneys for more than 15 years.

New South Wales Rail Transport Museum

The other day we went to see the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum in Thirlmere. The Ebenezerling loved it of course. They have quite a number of well-preserved carriages and engines. The old sleeping cars were great, as was the "prison car."