May 12, 2003

On Saturday I finally got a chance to walk some of the coast track in the Royal National Park. We walked from Wattamolla to Garie. The scenery is amazing. As with the Spit Bridge to Manly walk, I will upload a GPS track log file when I get around to it.

May 09, 2003

Names, names and more names. What makes a good name? In particular, what makes a good name for a cat or a dog? A difficult topic, but after much discussion, good dog names include Max, Sid, Norman, Boof and Tracey. Good cat names include Sharon, Henrietta, Sabrina and Charles. Apologies to humans with these names who disagree.

May 05, 2003

Monday morning after a geocaching-less weekend, and someone has found M5 madness. After having searched for this one unsuccessfully for ages, I feel encouraged to have another crack at it.