April 16, 2015

Replacing Subaru Forester tail lights

A quick series of photos on replacing tail lights on a Subaru Forester. (I told you this blog was random) This model is sold as MY02 in Australia, although it may be slightly different in other markets. The lights are probably the same as the MY04.

To change any of the tail lights you need to remove the tail light assembly. Open the boot (tail gate), and locate the 2 nuts securing the assembly.

Remove the nuts using a 10mm socket.

The light assembly clips in, so slowly pull it backwards until the clips release.

(OK - it's a bit dirty in there!)

With the assembly removed, you can remove the holder for the bulb you need to replace. Rotate the holder about a quarter turn anti-clockwise to remove it.

I'm replacing my brake light. The owners manual shows you which bulbs go where. The brake light is a dual 5W/21W bulb with a T20 wedge fitting.