February 28, 2005


Read more job ads, write more job applications. Repeat.

Phone fun

Someone who will remain nameless managed to drop my phone the other day. Luckily he is not very tall, so it didn't have far to fall, but far enough to cause the speaker to stop working. Argh! I paid a visit to Cell-Biz, which is a little stall outside Aldi in the Westfield mall at Hurstville. Those guys are great: $30 and 15 minutes later my phone is as good as new.

February 22, 2005

Job update

I applied for 4 jobs last week, which so far has resulted in 0 interviews.

February 16, 2005


Today a colleague introduced me to LinkedIn. It is a social networking site like sixdegrees, although more oriented towards work relationships.

February 15, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

It hit 33 degrees today, which is pretty hot for February. I stayed inside in the cool in order to send off my first few job applications!

February 07, 2005


While on a trip to Melbourne for Tim's ordination I managed to find Spreadsheet Stash and FedCam.