May 23, 2005

Home brew

I have just put in my first home brew. (Part of a birthday present from my brother.) Coopers Lager, OG of 1.036. It should be ready for bottling by Friday, but it will be another couple of weeks before we get to drink any.

May 17, 2005

Software quality

A scary issue for any software developer: CNN is reporting on a software bug in the Toyota Prius that may cause the engine to shut down.

May 15, 2005


While in Balmoral for lunch today we decided to head over to find Fun in the sun.... (And it was fun.)

May 13, 2005

Professional pick-up-sticks

After a serious game of pick-up-sticks, a few of us decided that there is not nearly enough pick-up-sticks jargon, and if you were to take up pick-up-sticks professionaly you would need to invent some...

The Torpedo: The metal or cardboard tube that the sticks are stored in.
The Spread: The act of dropping the sticks in the first place. A normal spread is done by gripping the sticks in a fist and letting them go, although a torpedo assisted spread is achieved by lifting the torpedo off the sticks and letting them fall.
A Pivot: This is where you press down on the sharp end of a stick so as to lever the stick up off adjacent sticks.
A Lift: This is where you press your finger into the sharp end of a stick to lift it up. Lifting at both ends is a two fingered lift, while pivoting one end and lifting the other is a pivot and lift.
A Slide: This is sliding a stick that is touching the playing surface but no other sticks. Sliding a stick in the direction of the stick is a veritcal slide, while the other way is a horizontal slide.
A Flick: This is lifting a stick up quickly (generally assisted by the black stick) to try to flick it off adjacent sticks without disturbing them.
To Black: To attempt to remove the black.



My blogging has been a bit slow of late, but an expedition with Katricks a few days ago yielded Campbell Caper, Keyring Circus, Down the Mine and Namadgi Yank.

Australian copyright

The Australian IT News had an interesting article this week about Australia re-examining copyright laws. "Under current laws it is illegal to copy a CD onto a digital music recorder such as an iPod or to videotape a television program." Australia has no "fair dealing" clause when it comes to music or video. They are looking at various options for changing this.