July 18, 2006

Pyro Sand Game

I could play this for hours. The sand game like you've never seen it before.

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July 14, 2006

Multi-pointer demo

What would you do with a computer that could have more than one pointer (mouse pointer, or touch screen)? This page: Multi-Touch Interaction Research has some great ideas. (Demo video.)

July 04, 2006


I have had some time over the past couple of days to do some work on MapRequest. One of the features I am really keen to add is MapRequest's ability to discover ArcIMS map systems with the minimum of configuration. At the moment you need to tell it a reasonable amount about the system before it can talk to it, but ArcIMS can provide a lot of the configuration information that MapRequest wants. This will also allow MapRequest to work with maps where different layers are provided as different ServiceNames. At the moment MapRequest can only deal with one ServiceName at a time (although it can deal with all the layers that that ServiceName provides).

Given that it has been a while since I did anything on MapRequest, it has been a bit slow to get going again. I have NetBeans 5 working, but the CVS side does not seem to be configured correctly. I suspect I am going to have to spend a bit of time trying to figure that out if this code is ever going to be released.