March 28, 2007


I find myself back in Tokyo this week for my second visit in 6 months. It's strange the things I didn't realise I had forgotten about Tokyo. e.g. The crows that are everywhere in the city.

While waiting for the bus from Narita into the city I was watching some of the bus company employees loading suitcases onto someone else's bus when one of them suddenly turned around and lauched a big swinging kick at another of the employees. He then shouted at him and dragged him off. I guess he had transgressed in some way. Noone in the crowd waiting seemed to be to purturbed about this, although my fellow gaijin were careful to stand orderly in the line and wait paitently for our bus. Welcome back to Japan.

My hotel is not quite in walking distance to work, but rather a short ride on the Metro. I am near Shiba park (which seems to be fenced off and closed for some inexplicable reason), but it is still a nice spot. The cherry blossoms are just starting to come out.

The television in the hotel gets HD digital broadcasts. I hadn't previously thought that HD was such a big deal unless you had a huge TV, but the clarity of the HD broadcasts is significantly sharper than the analogue satellite channels (even if the digital channels are all in Japanese).

March 12, 2007

DST Dramas?

Have you had any dramas with the US changes to daylight saving time? In case you somehow missed it the US has moved forward the start of DST by a couple of weeks. Various people didn't realise that this might require them to do something to their systems to cater for this. Well - didn't realise until a few weeks ago.

Some people may remember that a few Australian states changed DST last year for the Commonwealth Games. I know I scrambled to patch everything then. I would have thought we might have learned from that... Oh well.

March 04, 2007


I ran into Paxman the other day at a wedding. I hadn't seen him in a while, and so he hadn't seen my short hair yet. As the Ebenezerling observed at the time, my hair has "white bits" now. Paxman commented that I look "distinguished" now. Is that the same as "old"?