November 25, 2007


A few of the councils around my area are doing council clean-up at the moment. I noticed today while driving past how many old TVs and CRT computer monitors there are out on the footpath.

Who wants an old TV when you can buy a nice new LCD or plasma? You can at least buy CRT televisions (and still a lot cheaper than an LCD or plasma), but how about a CRT computer monitor?

Apart from the issue of waste, there is the issue of what happens to the old CRT tubes. I suspect it is possible to recycle some parts, although I doubt it is easy. Ashfield council has a page on recycling electrical goods, although all it tells you is not to put them in landfill, and where you can take old ink cartridges. A search reveals that it is at least possible to recycle a CRT in Sydney. e.g. MRI.

November 24, 2007

Google Street View for Sydney?

Yesterday as I was walking to my car from Ashfield station I noticed a black Holden Astra approaching with some kind of apparatus on the roof. As it drew closer, part of the roof mounted equipment was clearly a GPS receiver. As it drove past the Google Maps logo was clearly visible on the side door.

What is going on? Surely Google's maps of Ashfield are up-to-date already. What I didn't appreciate at the time was the other thing mounted on the roof was a camera. Today the SMH are carrying a story Google's candid camera snaps Australia with a photo of a similarly equipped car (in blue). Google are taking photos at street level in Sydney for their Street View extension to Google Maps, already available for some US cities.

I guess I'll feature in Google's Street View once it is available for Sydney (probably some time next year).

November 05, 2007


Movember is upon us. It's great that all of you who are taking part are raising money for charity and all that, but please remember:

If you didn't have a moustache last month, it was probably for a good reason. That reason hasn't changed.

November 03, 2007

Google Mail + IMAP = good

If you are a Google Mail user you may have noticed that gmail now offers IMAP. Similar to POP, IMAP is a way for your e-mail application (e.g. Outlook, elm, pine etc), but IMAP also allows you to access your e-mail folders, while keeping the folders on the server. This means that you can see the same messages in your folders from anywhere you check your e-mail.

Gmail's implementation is a little different, as gmail has labels rather than folders. They have set it up quite well though: If you move a message from your IMAP Inbox to an IMAP folder this is equivalent to adding that label and archiving the message. If your label names have slashes in them ("/") then in IMAP this creates subfolders. More information here.