February 18, 2008

Streets With No Name

Something I guess I have taken for granted up until now is that streets in Australia have names. I mean, of course they have names, don't they? How do you tell someone the address if the street doesn't have a name?

While doing some mapping on Open Street Map I have found that there are a few streets (mainly laneways) in my local area that don't seem to have any name at all. e.g. Laneways between Nowranie Street and Carrington Street and a short street at the western end of Weston Street (although I suspect this street is also known as Weston Street).

Mapping has brought up some other interesting questions, like what is the real name of a street? Is it what the street sign says? Is it what existing maps say? Is it what people who live in the street call it? Sometimes all disagree.

February 06, 2008

New York

Last week took me to New York for work. I knew it was going to be cold, but I don't think I expected that it would be cold enough for the ponds in Central Park to be frozen.

GPS replaced now. Let the mapping continue!