January 28, 2009

CMS Summer School

OK, it was a few weeks ago now, but I think it's worth posting that we all had a great time at CMS Summer School in Katoomba in January. I enjoyed the talks by Dr William Philip, but I think I probably got the most out of the missionary info sessions.

Of course I did some mapping in Blackheath and Medlow Bath while I was in town.

Summer School leaves your afternoons free to explore the Blue Mountains, so I got a chance to do some walking along the Pope's Glen track in Blackheath to Govett's Leap. The views at Govett's Leap are quite breathtaking.

Hey Man, You Got A Second So I Can Fire You?

A rather apt story from The Onion this week: Hey Man, You Got A Second So I Can Fire You?

How are we doing today? How we doin'? Great, great. You're looking good. Love the shirt. Let me guess: Christmas present? Knew it. Great. Hey man, whenever you get a sec—and it's no biggie—I was hoping you could just pop on over to my office real quick so I can fire you.