July 26, 2010


On Saturday night the Ebenezerling & I went to see PROJECT Trio play to a full house at The Con. These guys were amazing. I highly recommend going to see them live if you get the chance.

The way Greg Pattillo plays the flute has to be seen to be believed. Eric Stephenson was incredible on the cello, as was Peter Seymour on double bass. Add to that that they are all great entertainers, and it was a great show.

We particularly liked their version of Peter and the Wolf, and Peter Seymour's "mad" hair. Thanks Peter for shaking the Ebenezerling's hand on the way out too.

(Yes I do still blog from time to time.)

February 05, 2010

Barneys Demolition Service

Yesterday morning we attended a "demolition service" in the car park at Barneys. Yesterday was the 151st anniversary of the church opening. I don't think we have been on the site since just after the fire a couple of years ago. It was great to think back over all the things God did in our lives when we attended church there, and to pray for the new building. Demolition of the remains of the old building begins in a couple of weeks.

January 31, 2010

Dulwich Hill and Summer Hill to CBD bike bus

In February cycling is Marrickville Council's sport of the month. To celebrate I'm planning to cycle from Hoskins Park in Dulwich Hill to the CBD on Tuesdays and Fridays. Why don't you join me? It would be great to have a few people to ride with.

For more details see my web page on the Dulwich Hill to the CBD bike bus.