January 08, 2004

Look, the Brits may as well give up now. It is quite clear that Beagle 2 is dead. I think the more important question is: Why won't the 2 American Rovers help look for Beagle? So far I have 2 possible answers:

1 - The reason Beagle 2 is missing is because the Americans shot it down. They didn't want to be upstaged, so they took the appropriate action. In space noone can hear you scream (etc). They are hardly going to help look when they don't want it to be found now are they?

2 - The American probe never went to Mars, nor has any American probe. All the pictures are generated from a small special effects company outside Hollywood. How do we know they really went to Mars? Because the pictures look similar to the ones from their last successful Mars probe? And I suppose you think that that one really went to Mars also?

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