September 08, 2014

Sneak Peek

"So Ben, what are you actually making?"

The plan is to make a temperature and light sensitive blinky thing. You can see my assembled prototype above. When it gets dark the lights come on, and do different things depending on the temperature.

The core of the project is an Arduino (compatible) micro-controller. On the side it has 4 digitally controlled multi-colour lights (Adafruit NeoPixels). On the other side it has the light sensor and temperature sensor. The batter box is under the micro-controller.

I have pre-done most of the soldering (just finished in fact). The party-goers will need to add some heat shrink, get me to solder a couple more wires, connect the wiring to the correct ports on the Arduino, and assemble the rest.

Just the thing for a fun sleep over.

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