November 06, 2014

Fix for OpenELEC network issues

I love my OpenELEC media centre running on my Raspberry Pi, but lately I have been seeing a problem where the network does not connect when the device reboots. OpeneELEC is set to use DHCP, but the network interface just doesn't come up.

This is a bit of a problem, as the RPi does not have an internal clock, so it relies on the network to find out the time. Without the correct time none of the scheduled recordings start.

I thought it might have been some update gone bad. I have been manually starting the network every time the box reboots (fortunately not very often) for a while now, until I stumbled upon this bug report:

The solution? Remove the files for the network connection manager, and reboot!

rm -rf /storage/.cache/connman/ && sync && reboot

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