May 11, 2016

XBox retro games emulator part I

I wanted to build a retro gaming system. Simple enough idea. I have a spare Raspberry Pi lying around, so why not install RetroPie on it?

Again, simple enough, but of course games are not so easy to play using a keyboard. I really need some game controllers, as well as some kind of case for the Pi.

Why not get an old XBox? The controllers can interface to USB, it has a power supply, and plenty of room inside the case presumably.

Vky commented "So you're using the biggest console ever to house the smallest pc ever?" Like I said, plenty of room.

Opening up the case shows that it is full of all this XBox stuff though!

I'll need to get rid of some things. That hard disk can go for starters.

As can that DVD drive. What were they thinking?

There's still a big circuit board I don't need. Out it goes.

Actually the mounting brackets for those drives might be handy. They can go back in.

Now to put back the Xbox drive tray cover. 


Stand by for chapter II as I start to wire in the new bits.

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Michael OBrien said...

Hi there Mate. Did you ever finish this project?